You might think I’m coldhearted. i am


Jalila. Italian. 25. Fangirl extraordinaire.

I am an intelligent, eloquent, well-mannered young woman who just so happens to say “fuck” a lot.

make me choose | anonymous asked: jax and tara in season two or season four?
if you ever talk that way about tara again, I will pound those half-dead hands so hard into this table, you will never be able to hold that gavel again

Charlie Hunnam singing/humming on the set of Sons of Anarchy, 6/6/14

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"everything i do, abel, is for you and thomas.”

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It’s about this. How you guys treat women.

hey, baby jesus, here comes some shit

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Tara Knowles + Smiling.

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listen to me
you’ve been lonely
too long

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