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Martin being martin.

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“Martin’s concern for my ego is a very touching thing, and I’d like to return the compliment by saying, just don’t tell him anything about the way he looks, what he’s dressed like, how his acting is superlative, how his comic timing is nonpareil. Just don’t say any of that shit, just keep it really humble with him, you know? He’s a little guy, but he has a huge, burgeoning ego as well.”
— Benedict Cumberbatch (x)

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"With all sorts of actors, especially more sort of high profile actors, you’re never sure how they’re gonna take to the whole life casting, make-up application— especially big sort of goofy numbers like a broken head and a football stuck on top. But [Martin’s] been fantastic through out, he’s really bought into it."

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This is related to this James McAvoy BAFTA Confession

isn’t it well known that he already thinks McAvoy is hot stuff

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Luke, Martin and Richard photgraphed by Sarah Dunn.

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“Benedict is this sort of beautiful, exotic creature. He’s never going to play an ordinary man, ‘cause he couldn’t. That’s not what he’s like, but he will tell the stories of great men.

“Whereas I think Martin Freeman does the exact opposite: he makes ordinary people fascinating. He finds the poetry in just being ordinary, and that’s an extraordinary, exquisite gift. He can tell the story of our lives and make it fascinating.”

Steven Moffat (Radio Times)


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