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Cumberbatch is clearly riled up by trivia questions from his co-star Martin Freeman. When Benedict admits he has never heard of a particular actor, Freeman shoots back “I assumed you’d probably been christened by him. I thought you knew every actor over 50. I thought there was a by-law.” by Radio Times article(x) about Sherlock outtake (X)

Sorry for my poor caption. I tried not to make this but couldn’t help it.

I watch Fargo for the plot

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No fictional otp can win this.

how can anybody not like them

Perhaps because he’s a rather awful person who, among many other things, called Lucy Liu ugly and a dog, and his wife passionately defends that shit.

But yes. They’re a cute couple.

"And I’ve got drugs. I could just make them — you know. Slip them something in their goblet. Some will get offended by that now. Cause they’ll call it ‘rape’ or whatever. But, um, you know. For me, it’s a helping hand. Maybe I should stop talking."

"We’ve reached a state now where it’s, ‘You shouldn’t notice. Why are you noticing he’s got a bomb and has a beard and is Muslim and wants to kill your family?’"
Love is dandy. Bilbo as played by Martin is dandy. I hear Watson as played by Martin is dandy (though you couldn’t pay me to watch Sherlock at this point).
But yes. This is how I cannot like him.


wow im so glad amanda dumped that hobo

“I don’t think Ben [Cumberbatch] or Daniel Craig are asked that. I think it stems from my so-called perceived approachability. And it is totally f***ing perceived. I come across as a half-decent person and not very pretentious. I’m a good actor; I can pretend. Look,” he says, calming down a bit, “I’m angry and defensive about everything. It just drives me slightly bananas because I know how hard I work. Tim is nothing like Bilbo Baggins either. People tend to think, ‘Oh, you’re just doing what you do.’ It’s a) insulting, b) f***ing bulls***, and c) I’d invite any other f***er to try to do it.”
Martin Freeman on comparisons of his characters

I’m so glad he’s finally said something on this. I hate it when people compare his characters as the “every-man”. He’s a brilliant actor and saying that demeans his work. (via hogwartsisongallifrey)


"Acting is reacting." - Martin Freeman → John Watson in Series 3

I always love his “this bitch says he needs my help” face.

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Martin being martin.

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“Martin’s concern for my ego is a very touching thing, and I’d like to return the compliment by saying, just don’t tell him anything about the way he looks, what he’s dressed like, how his acting is superlative, how his comic timing is nonpareil. Just don’t say any of that shit, just keep it really humble with him, you know? He’s a little guy, but he has a huge, burgeoning ego as well.”
— Benedict Cumberbatch (x)

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"With all sorts of actors, especially more sort of high profile actors, you’re never sure how they’re gonna take to the whole life casting, make-up application— especially big sort of goofy numbers like a broken head and a football stuck on top. But [Martin’s] been fantastic through out, he’s really bought into it."

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