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I am an intelligent, eloquent, well-mannered young woman who just so happens to say “fuck” a lot.

"You and I fight for the same cause, the protection of this world"

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Jane Foster Week Day One: Jane + Science

"I am so taking this apart"


"Well, if there is an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, then there is something on the other side. And advanced being could have crossed it!"

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This drink I like it. Another!

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And advanced beings could have crossed it!

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"You and I fight for the same cause, the protection of this world"

#i’m crying and laughing #no one else could ever ever ever EVER #no one else in this universe even comes close #i think the thing that fascinates me the most about jane and the thing that makes her singularly unique in this universe #is the fact that she is the only one who has the potential to build rather than destroy #everyone else is reacting; to threats to monsters to intergalactic alien godkings #to being thrown into turmoil to being thrown into obscurity and then fighting their way out of it and redeeming themselves #tony builds an iron suit to shed himself of his merchant of death moniker; natasha is doing penance the only way she knows how #thor is relearning himself and learning his privilege and learning to appreciate strength in new ways; steve is trying to remake a dying myt #into a living legend again; banner is just trying to survive; fury is arming earth and literally everyone else #is on the line of defense #literally everyone else has their thoughts contained to their planet and contained in their own realm and galaxy and it’s jane #and only jane who is looking outwards; not even just to the kingdom of god #not even just to usurp the place of heaven #jane is the only one who acts first; her entire life has been a climb from the dirtheap of humanity and daring #to see shapes in the stars and daring to reach for them #everyone else is fighting; everyone else is defending #jane foster #is the one who isn’t mindful of the dirt on her feet #jane foster is the one reaching for the apple at the end of the branch and saying ‘eat’ (via ilvalentinos)

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make me choose | asked by underthebluerain: jane foster or darcy lewis.

T-H-O-R. And your relationship to him?

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Pacific Rim AU

Newly appointed Jaeger pilots, Dr. Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis are introduced to their Mark-4, Astro Bombshell. 

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Loki and Jane + negativity/disapproval

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AU: When Thor bring Jane to Asgard, she meets Sif - The Goddess of War, who  soon steals Janes heart in an unexpected though not unwanted manner. Leaving Jane to spend her life with an Asgardian, though not with one she had originally planned to.


If there’s an Einstein-Rosen bridge, then there’s something on the other side. And advanced beings could have crossed it!