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game of thrones meme: [1/5] relationships: Jon Snow + Lyanna Stark

↳ “He knew nothing of his mother; Eddard Stark would not talk of her. Yet he dreamed of her at times, so often that he could almost see her face.”

The Wit and Wisdom of Jaime Lannister

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who writes these lines?? who is the smartass fucker that writes these?? it makes me sick

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(Happy Birthday, Ems! ♥)

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Once Game of Thrones family, always Game of Thrones family. - Natalie Dormer

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Game of Thrones × Inception AU (inspired by)

Jon Snow - Dom Cobb
    “I’ve done plenty wrong.”
Ygritte - Mal
    “We should have stayed in that cave.”
Meera Reed - Ariadne
    “You’d forget you. If we lose you, we lose everything.”
Davos Seaworth - Arthur
    “Well, strictly speaking, I didn’t do the thieving.”
Oberyn Martell - Eames
    “You’re just a pink little man who’s far too slow on the draw.”
Samwell Tarly - Yusuf
    “Yes, well, best get used to it.”
Daenerys Targaryen - Saito
    “They can live in my new world or they can die in their old one.”
Stannis Baratheon - Fischer
    “He wasn’t my beloved brother. He didn’t love me. I didn’t love him.”

Game of Thrones  +  Iconic Quotes


"She was scarcely a year older than I was, dark-haired, slender, with a face that would break your heart. It certainly broke mine. Lowborn, half-starved, unwashed… Yet lovely. […] She was hungrier than I would have believed. We finished two whole chickens and part of a third, and drank a flagon of wine, talking. I was only thirteen, and the wine went to my head, I fear. The next thing I knew, I was sharing her bed. If she was shy, I was shyer. I’ll never know where I found the courage. When I broke her maidenhead, she wept, but afterward she kissed me and sang her little song, and by morning I was in love."

A game of forgotten ladies: Tysha

Kids Reenact Emmy-Nominated TV Shows (Game of Thrones)[x].

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"And yet they keep telling me that House Lannister won this war."

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S5 Casting


i’m really trying to follow your logic, but:

image and 

image are brothers.

image is also the father of 

image whose mother comes from the same city/region of


Then you changed Tyene’s parentage so now

image is the daughter of


i’m sorry but i feel like i’m missing something