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Jalila. Italian. 25. Fangirl extraordinaire.

I am an intelligent, eloquent, well-mannered young woman who just so happens to say “fuck” a lot.

a man out of   t  i  m  e

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steve rogers + cards against humanity (insp.)

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Can we talk about Steve here? The way he’s looking at the Tesseract. He must be thinking “how could something this small cause so much pain?” The war it started, the years it cost him… the friends he lost…

can I just-

this is the only closure Steve gets for the war. That the weapon that fueled Schmidt’s maniacal search for power beyond what the Reich could give him, the weapon that created the backbone of Hydra’s weaponry, the weapon that contributed to Bucky’s fall, to the bombs on the plane, to Steve’s decision to down the plane {ten days} and then everything he lost because of that-

this is the only closure Steve gets for losing everything.

I hate you so much right now.

I get that a lot now

It’s been so long. So long.

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captain america a-z: part one

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tell me about the dream where we pull bodies out of the lake and dress them in warm clothes again

tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us

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uhm… so I was giffing…