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Inspired by the wonderful and delicious art made by patronustrip

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Durmstrang!Elsanna sketch #1

Here for you, better than I expected. I found these incredibile pastels brushes that literally made my day.
I’m working on another piece, but since I will be gone for three days you won’t see it until the end of the week.
It was so freaking fun that I absolutely want to do more of these.

tools: photoshop CS5, wacom intuos4

au: the americans

dan and blair are soviet intelligence agents posing as a married couple to spy on the american government. 

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Les Misérables AU: Inception

Marius Pontmercy, the world’s finest in the art of dream manipulation, has been offered one last job. He swears this will be the final job—if he can do this, put this behind him, he can get home to his beloved family though the love of his life, Cosette, is dead. The only problem with this job? It’s the hardest one yet: inception.

The rebels of a new French Revolution have hired Marius to target a man named Javert. Javert is a political powerhouse in France, and the rebels believe if they can convince him to join their side, they can win the revolution. Marius is supposed to plant a simple idea: the revolution is good. If Marius can succeed, he will be saving hundreds of lives and building a new France. 

To do this, Marius assembles a team of only the finest: Enjolras, his point man, logical and cold and dedicated, willing to do anything to get the job done; Éponine, a bright young architect,  whose fresh insight on the streets of France could be the key to succeeding; and Grantaire, the forger, a sarcastic young man who has a tendency for laziness and drinking, but whose strategy and skill is unmatched.

But in dreams, things are not always what they appear to be, and maybe the team has gotten in too deep. Tempers flare as the dream begins to unravel. Marius blames Enjolras for not planning properly; Enjolras accuses Grantaire of never doing the job right; Grantaire thinks Éponine’s hiding something from them; Éponine knows Marius is haunted by Cosette. They will have to work together to plant the idea before the dream, and the hopes of the New French Revolution, come crashing down.

game of thrones au > zombie apocalypse AU

Get out alive.

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teen wolf au: chuck :: a very late birthday present for amanda 

stiles stilinski was leading a normal, boring life working a dead end job in beacon hills, ca.; when one night he recieves a mysterious email, and the next thing he knows, he’s the Intersect, some super mental computer created by all those government agencies that have acronyms. now, he has two handlers from two agencies that don’t trust the other and he and his best friend, scott have found themselves shoved into a world of adventure that they had only dreamt of before. 

(Fonte: derekhaie)

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but probably not.


Teen Wolf AU: Scott McCall and the Bunk Bed Dilemma.

S.poiler alert: After some time enjoying her singleness, Mom McCall decided to settle down with Dad Stilinski. Scott and Stiles ended up sharing bunk beds.

It was awesome for a while, until it became awkward for Scott when Stiles and Derek started dating.

Pacific Rim AU;
Red Robin: Jason Todd, Tim Drake

(Fonte: timothyjacksondrake)

this doesn’t have a title yet


So I’m about to go to sleep before the second day of the bar exam but on my way down to the bar exam I stopped and saw Pacific Rim, because if there’s one thing you need before a grueling intellectual endurance test it’s robots punching monsters in the face.

After seeing Pacific Rim, I realized that I needed Kenshin and Kaoru as Jaeger pilots basically the same way that I needed oxygen and broadband internet access.

So I wrote this

It has no title and I do not currently plan to post it anywhere but tumblr.  But it has been done, and my soul can rest easy now.

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AU - “I could ask you the same question, Doctor.”
The Doctor runs into Sally Sparrow on a trip to the roaring twenties.

AU: where Matt Smith is the third Holmes brother (aka where the third Holmes brother is a silly cute thing and not a murder or something like he probably is)

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"Did you do this to make Scott jealous? Were you trying to get back at him? Did you even consider how I felt about this, Allison? Were you bored?”

I wouldn’t hold out too much hope

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