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She remember she should hate him. Or she still did, or something along those lines. She had certainly said it enough. The two had been at each other since the TARDIS had landed right in the middle of his march. It was hard to impress Clara, and it seemed in turn it was hard to impress a king, but all the same her, a woman who had kissed the stars and been everywhere in the place that Robb called home. Everywhere but Winterfell she noted as her eyes continued to watch at the boy who fiddled around with the wooden figures on the table.   [happy birthday to actual live ruiner fiona!]


Punk Hipster Trash Thor and Loki prints for DashConnnnnn

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The White Queen modern au  // TIME Magazine covers

(it’s 4am and i don’t know what is this. so yeah, modern au but modern au with similars events that the ones around end1483/early1484, ‘kay? gosh i am so tired… i even invinted quotes XD sorry for the stupidities and my misspellings)


AU Meme: Marvel Film Noir AU for webs-of-lies

(Fonte: guardiansofthegalaxys)


AU Meme: Marvel Film Noir AU for webs-of-lies

(Fonte: guardiansofthegalaxys)

AU meme
Joan working with Moriarty


fake tv show meme |southern gothic romance (suggested by linamaeokay)

Elizabeth(Kat Dennings), lives in a small, isolated town with father who is the town’s beloved preacher. She has longed to get away but like the rest of people living there it seems impossible to leave until a hitchhiker(Sebastian Stan) stops into town. Elizabeth, along with the rest of the town are captivated by the outsider until her father warns his devout followers that the newcomer is evil and here to corrupt them. Despite her father’s claims, Elizabeth becomes closer with him and he eventually reveals the real reason he’s there. There is evil in the town but is the last person she expects… her father.



Pacific Rim AU

Newly appointed Jaeger pilots, Dr. Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis are introduced to their Mark-4, Astro Bombshell. 

cont. (x)



game of thrones au meme: a journey through past [4/10] → russian revolution

Daenerys Targarov is the daughter of a wealthy businessman who used to be a member of the tzar’s government, overthrown by the revolution in 1917. Lost and completely alone after the murder of her family, she is taken into an older man’s protection — he is at first meant to spy on her and her family money for the NKVD, but in the end old Jorah starts developing a certain fondness towards the young girl.



The Hobbit: Modern AU

↳ Following the death of his grandfather, Thorin Oakenshield is set to take over as head of the company, or so he thought. Smaug, a multi-millionaire from the north, has brought the company to ruin in his abscence, and taken its riches. With the help of his companions, he sets off to take back the company, but Smaug is not the only one standing in his way.

As someone who has a business degree and is also an artist, I can say without a doubt that this is one of the most creative and well made AU! graphic arts representation of The Hobbit in here. It is utter perfection!

(Fonte: aoife1108)


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