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God I loved this scene. We learned so much in this tiny clip.

Steve’s mother died when he was an older man, Bucky’s parents are alive and love Steve. Bucky and Steve put couch cushions on the floor as kids (and had kiddie sleepovers where they totally played cops and robbers). Bucky knows where Steve’s key is. Bucky tried to get Steve to live with him (my headcanon is that Steve accepted and they became roomies up until Buck went to war).

The one thing that wasn’t new was that Bucky was still by his side. It’s just amazing to see that their bromance before The First Avenger was just as epic as I knew it would be.

Also I will never tire of seeing skinny Steve because I adore him.


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  reasons to love this romanian cutie


Most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe he exists. The ones that do call him the Winter Soldier.

He’s a ghost story.

I seem to keep ending up with these bad boy characters. I don’t understand what’s going on.

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Sebastian @ ‘Picnic' Broadway Opening Night (13.1.13)

I had him on the ropes.

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The fighting in the movie is phenomenal, it’s amazing. [Thanks] How much of that when we see the Winter Soldier fighting, how much is that you and how much is that stuntman? Is it more you than we think it is?