You might think I’m coldhearted. i am


Jalila. Italian. 25. Fangirl extraordinaire.

I am an intelligent, eloquent, well-mannered young woman who just so happens to say “fuck” a lot.

One day you’ll come to see that I did it all for you

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Favorite characters (2/10): Jaime Lannister [x]

"The world was simpler in those days, Jaime thought, and men as well as swords were made of finer steel. Or was it only that he had been fifteen? They were all in their graves now, the Sword of the Morning and the Smiling Knight, the White Bull and Prince Lewyn, Ser Oswell Whent with his black humor, earnest Jon Darry, Simon Toyne and his Kingswood Brotherhood, bluff old Sumner Crakehall. And me, that boy I was … when did he die, I wonder? When I donned the white cloak? When I opened Aerys’s throat? That boy had wanted to be Ser Arthur Dayne, but someplace along the way he had become the Smiling Knight instead” - Jaime VIII (A Storm of Swords)

"Are ye all right?"

"No, I bumped my head" Rubbing the spot, I looked dazedly around the bare hallway. "What did I bang it on?" I demanded ungrammatically.

My head,” he said rather grumpily, I thought.

“Serves you right,” I said nastily. “What were you doing sneaking about outside my door?”

He gave me a testy look. “I wasna ‘sneaking about’ for God’s sake. I was sleeping - or trying to.”

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I am not a spy! I am plain Claire Beauchamp and nothing more! 

"There was an awesome sequence where they confronted each other in a ravine on the outskirts of D.C. and Hawkeye was shooting a series of arrows closing in on Cap, Cap closing in on him. And then Cap took him down and he realized for the first time that Hawkeye was trying to trick SHIELD, where he whispered something into Cap’s ear that Cap had a tracker on his suit and to punch Hawkeye to make it look real, because there was a Quinjet hovering above where they were watching the feedback back at SHIELD."

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Sleepy Hollow (1999)

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make me choose

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“You can’t keep dancing with the devil and ask why you’re still in hell”
— Something my friend told me the other day (via sinisteria)

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Oh, if the sky comes falling down for you,
There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do.

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When our mom died, that was the hardest time in my life. Our family was a mess, but Katara? She had so much strength. 


Rick O’Connell: a summary


Kirsten Dunst and Jason Schwartzman as Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI by by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue, September 2006