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.Pacific Rim AU: Steve and Peggy as jaeger pilots.

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teen wolf characters in factions: allison, derek, and chris as DAUNTLESS

"we believe that cowardice is to blame for the world’s injustices. we believe that peace is hard-wom, that sometimes it is necessary to fight for peace."

(abnegation) (amity) (candor) (erudite)

She remember she should hate him. Or she still did, or something along those lines. She had certainly said it enough. The two had been at each other since the TARDIS had landed right in the middle of his march. It was hard to impress Clara, and it seemed in turn it was hard to impress a king, but all the same her, a woman who had kissed the stars and been everywhere in the place that Robb called home. Everywhere but Winterfell she noted as her eyes continued to watch at the boy who fiddled around with the wooden figures on the table.   [happy birthday to actual live ruiner fiona!]

make me choosebuckyremembers → x-men or vs the avengers (+ loki & nick fury)







vorrei informare electricalice e 0athenachan0 che ho fatto vedere quei capolavori di edit di montalbano alla mia collega theblondemermaid, ci stavamo facendo due risate per distrarci dalla realtà della deficienza…


Just a kid from Vigata è diventato un crossover ufficiale.

Magari Bucky all’inizio nel fascismo un po’ ci credeva ma poi è stato tipo preso a causa della sua amicizia con Steve-col-cazzo-che-prendo-la-tessera-fascista ed è stato torturato ecc ecc ed è diventato IL SOLDATO MEDITERRANEO o una roba simile.

E poi nei giorni nostri Steve aiuta il commissariato a combattere la criminalità organizzata. E va in giro in Vespa.


The Muskeeters/Agents of Shield crossover

Agent Treville alledgedly died in the battle of New York. Miraculously returned to life, he is given orders from Director Louis Capet to form an elite squad within SHIELD, and goes about putting together a team.

Athos is the first called up. A veteran soldier and recovering alcoholic, most people take him at face value, working in administration in the SHIELD offices. Treville knows what he is capable of, and persuades Athos to sign on as pilot.

They’re joined by Agent Winter, an undercover SHIELD field operative and former associate of Athos, who - like Natasha Romanoff - defected from her one-time allies to work within SHIELD. But she isn’t all that she seems.

The youngest members of the team are a pair fresh from the academy, who work so well together that they are known by the nickname Constagnan: Constance Bonacieux, the biochem expert, and D’Artagnan, the engineer and weapons developer. They seem like opposites, but no one works together as well as them.

Agent Porthos, a level six operative, is called on by Treville, who trusts him more than anyone else in the brigade as a weapons specialist. He’s not a subtle man, but he’s good at what he does, which is exactly what Treville needs. He comes from a background in covert ops, but no one’s quite sure exactly where.

Their first mission is to track down an operative running a hacking network called Pawn to Queen. The hacker, a young woman called Anne, is convinced of the corruption of SHIELD. She believes they’ll harm the man she’s trying to help, a former soldier called Aramis, who has been part of a programme that gave him artificial superpowers that are starting to kill him.

But behind it all, there’s some deeper darker conspiracy afoot. Cut off one head, and another takes its place.


On the edge of extinction, humanity turned to those willing and ready to defend it. Those who stepped up and worked in teams to protect all that they know and hold dear. Inside the base (commonly referred to as “The Magic Kingdom”) a living community thrives, Rangers, Engineers, Scientists, and civilians live out their lives not in fear, but defiance of the Kaiju threat. Each set of rangers has a different approach to battles. But one thing is true of all of them, they stand and fight for those they love. 

First set of what will probably be many. As in the cockpit, the dominant pilot stands to the right (our left). Check out all their individual posts for more in-depth stories on each team. 

Nani and Lilo || Jasmine and Aladdin 

Merida and Elinor || Nakoma and Pocahontas

Tiana and Naveen || Ariel and Eric

Kida and Milo || Hans and Anna


Caught in one of the Kaijuu attacks, Ariel lost both her legs at a very early age.Growing up she had a dream of being a Jaeger pilot. Her aunt was able to outfit her with working robotic prosthetic legs, and her dream became a reality. But due to an electrical short between her drivesuit and the legs, she lost her vocal chords. Sign language is widely used around the base, and her co-pilot Eric is more fluent than anybody else. Their Jaeger (Golden Trident) is the fastest underwater of any of the Jaegers and can perform even better under high pressure, often going out further than the others to intercept Kaijuu as they advance.

4/?? of my Disney Jaeger Pilot Series 


Milo Thatch never intended to become a Jaeger pilot. He originally worked on the science team, trying to decode the language of the Kaijuu, insisting there was something more to them then mindless roars. One day a ranger asked him to help her spar to train for her upcoming co-pilot assignment when they discovered how completely drift compatible they were. Inseparable ever since, their Jaeger “Shepard’s Crystal” uses a lot of old tech, but don’t let that fool you, it’s one of the most powerful out there. 

2/?? for my Disney Jaeger Pilot series


Teen Wolf AU → The Wolf Games

In penance for their uprising, each pack shall offer up a male and a female between the ages of 12 and 18 at a public “reaping”. These tributes shall be delivered to the custody of the Capitol and then transferred to a public arena, where they will fight to the death until a lone victor remains. Henceforth and forevermore this pageant shall be known as The Wolf Games.


» everybody wants to rule the world (thranduil x morgana x legolas)

my obligatory line: don’t kill me for this, please? :c


The Big Four » Elsa’s Coronation

As he passed over Arendelle, Jack picked up a cold, strange sensation, and knew it had nothing to do with his powers. He gathered the Big Four to share his discovery. Rapunzel and Merida perk up at the mention of Arendelle, because they were both invited to the coronation of the soon-to-be Queen Elsa. While the girls would waltz right into the castle, the guys would have to sneak in. “Won’t be a problem for me, of course,” Jack tries to joke, but the rest of the Big Four knew better than to bring up the fact that he was still invisible to many.

Finally at the Coronation, Hiccup tries to keep Toothless in the shadows and at bay. Jack walks around, searching for any sign of trouble. Merida struggles with the dress Queen Elinor had her wear, but tries to talk to as many people as possible (including Princess Anna herself); and Rapunzel, forgetting a little about the task at hand, dances the night away.

Jack grew impatient, wondering where that cold feeling had gone. It was odd that he ever felt it at all, as the cold never bothered him anyway. Suddenly from across the room, someone yells, “I said enough!” and that cold feeling wells up in his chest as Queen Elsa’s ice powers are revealed. Jack was left speechless, not because her powers were similar to his, but because out of all the people she could’ve looked at, out of everyone in the room, her eyes had landed on him.

"I’m telling you, she looked right at me!" Jack insisted, throwing his hands up in exasperation. "She saw me. She knew I was there. She … she believed in me."

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So I’m about to go to sleep before the second day of the bar exam but on my way down to the bar exam I stopped and saw Pacific Rim, because if there’s one thing you need before a grueling intellectual endurance test it’s robots punching monsters in the face.

After seeing Pacific Rim, I realized that I needed Kenshin and Kaoru as Jaeger pilots basically the same way that I needed oxygen and broadband internet access.

So I wrote this

It has no title and I do not currently plan to post it anywhere but tumblr.  But it has been done, and my soul can rest easy now.

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Modern Times
🎀 On Wednesdays we wear pink 🎀
Had to recycle Rapunzel’s old clothes from that edit thingy cause reasons. Art trade with
! You said whatever I want so this for you! c:


Late Valentine picture XD;;; Hope you guys enjoy <3

Just wanted to do something sexy but yet appropriate for Mister Jack Frost and Elsa, the snow queen ^_~

Their Love is Melting the snow…