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Jalila. Italian. 25. Fangirl extraordinaire.

I am an intelligent, eloquent, well-mannered young woman who just so happens to say “fuck” a lot.

I had the privilege of donning Captain America’s costume. I’m pleased to say it fit like a glove. (laughs)

Chris Evans - I take my hat off to him. He was so game. I put his costume on and I did a crude impression of Captain America and then later, he watched me do it. And so that performance that you see, is Chris Evans doing an impression of me doing an impression of him.

- Tom Hiddleston, Thor: The Dark World Commentary

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do you see any of yourself in steve or in cap?

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Would you rather… wear your superhero costume all the time or be naked all the time? {x}

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Would you rather have Tony Stark’s mustache or Thor’s abs?

Chris Evans for Variety Magazine, March 2014

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Someone should write a story based on these photos, is all I’m saying.

Captain America The winter solider - Beijing premiere (x)

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Chris evans being adorable on The Tonight Show — For bootycap

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Would You Rather: Have A Metal Arm Or An Eye Patch? {x}

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