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Andrew Scott photographed by Charlotte Salter for Topman GENERATION.

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"My name is Andrew Scott and I’m an actor and I’m from Dublin"

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Even Moriarty came out before season 3.

Happy birthday, Andrew Scott! (10.21.1976)

SM: Andrew Scott became a star - which he absolutely deserves to be - on the basis of being in the last three or four minutes of Sherlock. His screen-time was tiny but it’s a measure of that man’s extraordinary talent that he’s become such a big deal so quickly. He’s a genius.

MG: What Andrew does astonishingly in this series is the suggestion of bone-deep weariness with existence. There’s a sort of black— those black eyes— which you can’t quite fathom. It’s really quite chilling. It’s almost like there’s something else inside him looking out.

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  • my dad:*points to tumblr* whats his name
  • me:andrew scott
  • my dad:see that's a sensible name not like crumblegratch